Bosque Del Apache And White Sands Photo Workshop • USA December 2024 By Rod Barbee Photo Workshops


$1,965 USD

Group Size

12 Persons

At Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, we will experience the amazing annual gathering of wild birds in their premiere wintering grounds of the west. The Refuge offers dawn-to-dusk opportunities among thousands of Sandhill cranes, Snow geese and other migratory birds.

The days include daily sunrise/morning and afternoon/sunset field trips that may be extended when conditions are good. Expect a few midday classroom sessions, image reviews, and field lessons on location.

Many photographers say this powerful experience has been on their destination wish list, but it is more remarkable than they had dreamed.

In White Sands National Park, we will explore the Chihuahuan desert’s graphic landscapes and intimate details among the rare gypsum sand dunes. December offers the low-angled light and desirable conditions that reveal the dune environment’s simple beauty.

The park’s expansive dunes are both stark and sensual. Sweeping panoramas stretch from your toes to the horizon. Dune ridges and ripples catch the light and cast curving shadows. This landscape asks to be photographed in both color and black and white.

Our days will include morning and afternoon field trips, midday classroom sessions, and image reviews. Expect to be in the park early enough to prepare for the pre-dawn glow and first light. Afternoon outings will last until the light fades over the dunes and the nearby San Andres mountains.


07 Dec 2024


4 Nights

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