Auroras Of The Northwest Territories • Canada August 2024 By Rod Barbee Photo Workshops


$4,779 USD

Group Size

6 Persons

Without a doubt, the most incredible display in nature has to be the auroras. They are jaw-droppingly amazing. Twisty green ribbons crawl across the sky, occasionally bursting open like a hand reaching down from space, with hints of pink and red, moving as if under their own will. The Milky Way, Big Dipper, and the Pleiades nearly pop out of the sky, adding a beautiful backdrop to the aurora experience. Cameras capture more colors than our night vision can see, revealing colors you didn’t know existed. And the resulting pictures are ones you will treasure and want to share.

Seeing and photographing auroras will be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life, and Yellowknife in Canada’s Northwest Territories is one of the best places to do so.

Even if this tour is mainly about photographing the auroras, we will find more to see and do. There are parks with spectacular fall colors, a couple of nice waterfalls to photograph, lake shores, and nature trails. If we are lucky, we will encounter some wildlife, too.

The old Yellowknife town also has its charms (the painted dumpsters are very cool), and there is a visitor and cultural centre you will find fascinating.

Cost includes
• Seven nights lodging at the Chateau Nova.
• All meals from breakfast (at the hotel) on the first full day to breakfast on the last morning. Many of our meals will be in some of the finest local dining establishments.
• Snacks and water during our daily and nightly outings.
• Transportation during the tour.
• Instruction and assistance in the field.
• Ample teasing.


31 Aug 2024


7 Nights

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