Gobi Desert Photo Workshop • China March 2025 By Available Light Images Photo Tours


$3,500 USD

Group Size

5 Persons

This unique photography workshop, taking you into the heart of the Gobi Desert, is where you can immerse yourself in simple, delicate creativity far from the modern world and its distractions. For myself, a first visit was a life-changing experience, and I felt instantly at home, as I do in the Himalayas, but differently. Its earthy and sensuous form echoes the romantic and surreal part of myself, and the body of work I created consisted as much of myself as the Gobi Desert.

We will pass hundreds of square miles of gigantic dunes, some of the world’s highest static sand dunes rising to over 1640 feet and above a series of crystal clear lakes. This remote area is intensely sparse yet profoundly elemental and beautiful. We will be camping out in the dunes for most of the nights, with one or two nights beside the lake, and of course, the spectacular starscapes are something you will never forget.

You will be travelling with someone well-experienced in desert photography, with detailed cultural, practical and linguistic skills for the region, and being taken through this challenging terrain by an expert and experienced driver, making your journey a safe and enriching experience. The Gobi I will take you into is so vast and astonishing that each journey visits some of the best viewpoints I know and seeks to discover something new. Every trip is unique.


09 Mar 2025


8 Days


  1. Steve Hunter on

    Very interested in this trip into the Gobi desert. Please keep me informed on when it’s available to book.

    • Yes, I have received the registration form and will get in touch again next week when I have more free time.

      I am looking to share this journey with you.

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