Yellow Mountains Winter Photography Workshop • China February 2025 By Available Light Images Photo Tours


$3,300 USD

Group Size

4 Persons

On a clear day, at first and last light, the intricacy of the granite stone shining golden and pines rising among the famous jagged peaks is a sight you will revel in, and it will take your breath away. In fog or misty conditions, that same powerful stone and those precarious and poetic trees will reveal a unique scene to you as quickly as it disappears. On other days, due to a temperature inversion, we may find a sea of clouds swirling below the peaks and around the trees, receding far across the range.

Such views have been depicted in classic Chinese paintings over many centuries and continue to this day, inspiring many photographers. You will be glad you are there to capture such beauty.

We will spend five days in the mountains exploring this spectacular landscape, and we will climb many high vantage points to wait for the first light. We will visit different peaks throughout the day. Therefore, you need to be prepared to go up and down stone paths a minimum of 20,000 steps every day.

We will also be changing hotels to maximise the time for each area.


28 Feb 2025


7 Days

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