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Erez Marom Photography Workshops

It is a big privilege to earn your living pursuing your passion and helping others pursue theirs. I put my body, mind and soul fully into making my workshops the best experience possible to all participants and there is nothing more satisfying to me than knowing that they've had a special, educational and fulfilling trip with some fantastic images to show for it.

I have years of experience guiding photography workshops in various locations worldwide and hundreds of happy participants to show for it. My workshops are held in small groups, I hire professional local guides and give you hands-on help in the field, when it is most critical. When teaching, I put the main emphasis on composition, which I view as the most important aspect in photography, and the one most people have trouble perfecting. I always strive to make the best decisions in real time, and ensure you make the most out of your trip.

Wonders of Namibia Photo Workshop

Join professional landscape photographer Erez Marom on this comprehensive 10-day workshop, where you will experience Namibia’s mind-boggling beauty…


  1. Sarita Sreenivasan on

    This tour is quite fascinating.! Please let me know where I can check photos of previous trips or of this location..! Also the general itenary and costing .
    I am a traveler looking to improve my photography skills and post editing aswell, using a Sony a6500

  2. Hi Sarita, thank you for contacting me and for your interest in the Greenland workshop. I have 2 spots left and you’d be welcome to occupy one of them.
    You can see my images from the previous workshops as well as the itinerary on my site (erezmarom dot com). The workshop costs 4990 Euros and is all inclusive.
    Kind regards,

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