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More exposure • You can now promote individual Photo Tours with a free membership.

We listen carefully to your feedback and we are always looking for ways to improve the Directory – you ask, we deliver.
We are changing the way we operate the Directory. The new style will make it easier and more affordable for you, while offering you more exposure for your brand.

Part 1: difference between Dedicated Page and Individual Photo Tour
  • What is the first thing I need to do on the Directory website?
  • Do I need a membership before I can display anything?
  • Do I need a free or a premium membership?
  • I already have a paying membership. What do I do?
  • What next?
  • What does a Dedicated Page do?
  • Does it display on the Directory website for ever?
  • Can I display and promote my Photo Tours on my Dedicated Page?
  • Where is my Dedicated Page being displayed?
  • Where is it being displayed on that page?
  • Do you promote my Dedicated Page on your social media platforms?
  • Will my page be displayed in the USA category if I am USA based?
  • How many social media views should I expect for a premium page?
  • How much does a premium Dedicated Page cost?
  • That's it?
  • Can I start promoting individual Photo Tours now?
  • Where are individual Photo Tours displayed?
  • Where on the Homepage are they displayed?
  • What is the difference between Basic and Advanced Photo Tours?
  • How long can I display a Photo Tour for?
  • How many Photo Tours can I promote?
  • Can I promote a tour that starts in 2 months time?
  • So, it is best to promote it many months in advance?
  • But the price is the same, a one-off payment?
  • Register for a free membership
  • Yes
  • Either will do
  • Please see 'EXISTING PREMIUM MEMBERS' explanation below
  • You create your Dedicated Page
  • Displays information about your company
  • Yes
  • No, you cannot
  • It is being displayed on the 'Operators' page
  • Premium members top of page, free members below premium
  • Yes, but only the premium members pages
  • Yes, if you are a premium member
  • 10,000-15,000 monthly views
  • £10 or €12 or $15 per month
  • Yes, leave the rest to us
  • Yes
  • On the Directory's Homepage and also below your Dedicated Page
  • Top of Homepage for Advanced, further down for Basic
  • See on this page for full details
  • Up to 12 months
  • As many as you want. The more the better for your brand's exposure
  • Yes. However, we recommend a minimum of 4 months for best results
  • Yes. We recommend as soon as it is available on your website
  • Yes. Just a single one-off payment for the duration
Part 2: changes to individual Photo Tour pricing, display and social media sharing

See this page for all changes in detail

Part 3: changes to Membership and Dedicated Page display


Displaying all the individual Photo Tours (see sample).


Displaying all the Dedicated Pages (see sample).


Free membership is compulsory.
You need to have at least a free membership to promote your Dedicated Page and any Photo Tours.


Premium membership is optional.
See the table below for the differences between premium and free membership.


Silver Members: to upgrade to premium you need to cancel your existing membership first from within your profile page. Then, you can also upgrade from within your profile page.
Gold Members: You do not need to upgrade. Your Gold membership will change to premium automatically.
Platinum members: You do not need to do anything. We will automatically apply a discount voucher to your existing recurring payments.


• You can sign up for a free or premium membership. See the table below for the differences between premium and free membership.
Both membership levels will allow you to display your Dedicated Page as well as create and display your individual Photo Tours.
For more details on individual Photo Tours see here.

Membership Level
Price in EUR or USD
  • Payment frequency
  • Link to your website
  • Social media buttons
  • Choose payment currency
  • SEO Friendly
  • Display on 'Operators' page
  • Thumbnail size display
  • Social media monthly promotion
  • Country of origin category display
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • Below Premium
  • small
  • no
  • no
€12 or $15
  • monthly payments
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • YES
  • YES

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