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We are changing the way we operate the Directory. The new style makes it easier and more affordable for you, while offering you more exposure for your brand.

• Increase your reach
• Engage our audience

• Low payments
• A great amount of benefits

  • What is the first thing I need to do on the Directory website?
  • Do I need a membership before I can display anything?
  • Do I need a free or a premium membership?
  • What next?
  • What does a Dedicated Page do?
  • Does it display on the Directory website for ever?
  • Can I display and promote my Photo Tours within my Dedicated Page?
  • Where is my Dedicated Page being displayed?
  • Where is it being displayed on that page?
  • Do you promote my Dedicated Page on your social media platforms?
  • Will my page be displayed in the USA category if I am USA based?
  • How many social media views should I expect for a premium page?
  • How much does a premium Dedicated Page cost?
  • That's it?
  • Can I start promoting individual Photo Tours now?
  • Where are individual Photo Tours displayed?
  • Where on the Homepage are they displayed?
  • What is the difference between Basic, Advanced & VIP Photo Tours?
  • How long can I display and promote a Photo Tour for?
  • How many Photo Tours can I promote?
  • Can I promote a Photo Tour that commences in 3 months time?
  • So, it is best to promote it many months in advance?
  • But the price is the same, a one-off payment?
  • Register for a membership ($10 one-off payment)
  • Yes
  • Either will do
  • You create your Dedicated Page
  • Displays information about your company
  • Yes
  • No, you cannot. Photo Tours cost extra.
  • It is being displayed on the 'Operators' homepage
  • Premium members top of page, free members below premium
  • Yes, but only the premium members pages
  • Yes, if you are a premium member
  • Around 6,000 monthly views
  • £120 or €150 or $180 per year
  • Yes, leave the rest to us
  • Yes
  • On the Directory's Homepage and also below your Dedicated Page
  • Basic below Advanced, Advanced below VIP
  • See the 'Photo Tours' table further down for full details
  • Up to 12 months
  • As many as you want. The more the better for your brand's exposure
  • Yes. However, we recommend a minimum of 6 months for best results
  • Yes. We recommend as soon as it is available on your website
  • Yes. Just a single one-off payment for the duration


Lifetime membership ($10) is compulsory. You need to have at least a lifetime membership ($10 one-off payment) to display your Dedicated Page.


Premium membership is optional.
See the table below for the differences between Lifetime, Premium and Premium Plus membership levels.


This is your company’s Dedicated Page (your hub). Here you display your company’s details (name, description, address, featured image, website button and all your social media buttons). Your Dedicated Page can be based on free, premium or premium plus levels, see below for cost.

Dedicated Page Sample


Create and promote one or many individual Photo Tours. All your Photo Tours are attached and displayed below your company’s Dedicated Page. They are displayed until the day they commence. Please note that there is an extra cost per individual Photo Tour, see below for prices.

Photo Tour Sample

Please note that your membership level is directly connected to your Dedicated Page. Premium and Premium Plus membership level Dedicated Pages are promoted in our social media platforms, Lifetime membership level Dedicated Pages are not promoted, they are only displayed on the website. Also note that promotion of your Dedicated Page IS NOT connected to the promotion of your individual Photo Tours, these are two separate entities – promoting Photo Tours cost extra, see further down the page for details.

Membership Level
Price in EUR or USD
  • Payment frequency
  • Link to your website
  • Social media buttons
  • Choose payment currency
  • SEO Friendly
  • Display on 'Operators' page
  • Thumbnail size display
  • Social media monthly promotion
  • Slideshow display on homepage
  • one-off
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • below premium
  • small
€150 or $180
  • yearly payments
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • below premium plus
  • large
  • yes
Premium Plus
€180 or $210
  • yearly payments
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • top of page
  • extra large
  • yes
  • yes


You can create unlimited Photo Tours (£25 or £45 each tour) that will be attached to your dedicated page and will be promoted until the day they commence, which could be 1 year ahead.


Your Photo Tours are displayed on the homepage and are also displayed in each category (location/country/continent) set by you.


You pay a one-off fee of £25 or £45 (each tour) and we will keep promoting your Photo Tour until the day it commences. This will ensure that your Photo Tour will receive optimum promotion and your brand the best possible exposure.


Your Photo Tour is promoted across our social media platforms, providing more exposure for your brand.
Facebook Pages • Facebook Group • Instagram Pages • Twitter • Flickr • Pinterest


Your Photo Tour content (up to 250 words) will be soft-proofed by the PhotoTours Team, improving its readability and ensuring it is SEO friendly (translation not included).


Performance reports, showing website and social media stats, straight to your inbox, after the expiry date of your Photo Tour.

€35 EUR or $39 USD
  • up to 6 months promotion
  • small website thumbnail size
  • homepage display: below advanced
  • share on Flickr
  • share on Pinterest
  • share on Twitter
  • share on Facebook pages
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • up to 40,000 total views
€60 EUR or $69 USD
  • up to 9 months promotion
  • large website thumbnail size
  • homepage display: below VIP
  • share on Flickr
  • share on Pinterest
  • share on Twitter
  • share on Facebook pages
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • up to 70,000 total views
Above tables explained
Payment frequency
Each Photo Tour requires a one-off payment.

Link to your website
Your Photo Tour will display a button that will link to your website where people can book the Photo Pour.

Social media sharing buttons
Your Photo Tour will display social media buttons. These will allow visitors to share your Photo Tour on their social media platforms.

Choose payment currency
Do you wish to make payments in GBP? Or do you perhaps wish to pay in USD or EURO? The choice is yours, you choose the currency you wish to pay with.

SEO Friendly
We will make sure that your Photo Tour is searchable and friendly with our visitors, as well as with Google, Yahoo and all other search engines.

Social media monthly promotions
Benefit from our huge social media audience of over 750,000 people, as we promote your Photo Tour to our followers. Reach a new audience, gain new social media followers and expand your reach. Your Photo Tour will be shared on a monthly basis.

Display on homepage
Your Photo Tour is guaranteed to display on our Directory Homepage.
VIP Level: Display on top of page.
Advanced Level: Display below VIP level.
Basic Level: Display below Advanced level.

Soft proofing
Your Photo Tour content (up to 250 words) will be soft-proofed by the PhotoTours proofing team, ensuring the title and content are relevant and search engine friendly, improving your Photo Tour’s SEO and readability (does not include translation).

Newsletter Promotion (VIP level photo tours only)
Reach our newsletter subscribers and help to boost your business.

Facebook Group sharing (VIP level photo tours only)
We have built a very strong community of over 10,500 active landscape photography members and over 1,900 active wildlife photography members. Your Photo Tour will be shared in the LPM Facebook Group or the WPM Facebook Group.

Instagram sharing (VIP level photo tours only)
Your Photo Tour will be shared on the LPM Instagram page, a community of over 165,000 followers, or the WPM Instagram page, a community of over 82,000 followers.

Flickr Pages (Basic, Advanced & VIP level photo tours)
Landscape Photography Magazine (over 3,000 followers)
Wild Planet Photo Magazine (over 230 followers)

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Not a problem. Click the button below and choose a membership level (free or premium). Once you have setup your membership, you can create your Dedicated Page and start promoting your photo tours. You can do all this from within your profile page.


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Bespoke Package • Special Discounted Price

With travelling set to be a tough option for the remainder of 2020, we all have to get creative, and some of you are already offering Online Photo Workshops as a way to still tutor, while also generating an income.

If you run Online Photo Workshops, we can now offer you a special discounted price for a bespoke 6-month promotion package to help you get ahead, promoting your online workshops across all our social media platforms to a following of more than 700,000 worldwide.