Lekanyane Photo Safaris

With 18 years experience in photographing Africa and its incredible wildlife, Lekanyane was born out of a passion to share the incredible heart and soul of Africa. ​The Sotho word for African Wild Dog, Lekanyane, aims to ensure that you not only leave our safaris a better photographer, but also with a better appreciation for the dwindling landscapes and wildlife of Africa. ​Our wildlife is disappearing at alarming rates, with population growth and human-wildlife conflicts ever increasing. But through every photo taken, and photo shared, we ensure that more and more people can see, appreciate and value our wildlife and heritage. ​Our aim is simple; take you to the best places, at affordable rates, all while ensuring that you not only leave a better photographer, but have a greater appreciation for our wildlife and landscapes. ​We look forward to sharing Africa, and the world, with you – one photo at a time.