Magnificent Redwoods Photo Tour • California, USA June 2024 By Ralph Nordstrom Photo Tours


$995 USD

Group Size

6 Persons

The Redwoods National and State Parks are unparalleled locations for exciting landscape photography. The California coast is blessed with over 400 miles of these magnificent coastal redwoods, but the cream of the crop is the ancient old-growth groves within the Parks.

Each of the groves we will photograph has its own unique character. Some are near the Pacific Ocean and are blessed with fog, which captures their quiet and peacefulness. But as the fog lifts, sunlight pierces the forest canopy, and God’s rays descend through the trees with all their majesty. And, if Mother Nature cooperates, the rhododendrons will be in bloom, and their delicate beauty will joyfully contrast with the power of the massive redwoods.

But being on the coast, there is more than towering trees. Roosevelt elk roam the meadows, a small but delightful waterfall is one of our stops, and the Pacific Ocean provides an active lighthouse, sea stacks and beautiful sunsets.

One of the days, we will be in the field from morning to night. The other days will be in a grove in the morning and a catching sunset after dinner. In between, we will have classroom work tailored to the needs and interests of the group. In addition, during our outings, one-on-one coaching will be tailored to address each individual’s unique interests.

So, how does this sound? I welcome photographers of all skill levels and are eager to share the Magnificent Redwoods with you.


04 June 2024


4 Days

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