Volcanoes Of Kamchatka Photo Tour July 2021

This tour is for people who are in love with life, new emotions and new discoveries. It is for those who would like to see the beauty of our big world with one's own eyes. Also for those who value the company of like-minded friends living brightly and boldly. And, of course, if you like holding a camera in your hands, you will have many reasons to do so during our programme. Our guide will take pleasure in showing you how to take pictures which make your friends and colleagues really jealous.

But even if you aren't a devoted photo camera user, you will not get bored with us. You will be totally carried away by seeing the 'Martian' landscapes of Kamchatka, by taking a walk along the hot stones which are breathing with the earth heat and by visiting the crater of an active volcano. Haven't you been dreaming of such an adventure?

Can we take our children with us?
You simply have to! With their eyes wide-open they will forever hold, deep in their hearts, the impressions of this trip having been a genuine adventure for both of you. A night in a tent, a walk to a volcano, a ride in a real off-roader. Will any of your child's classmates be able to make a more interesting speech or write a more interesting essay about 'My Summer Holidays'?

Join us
Kamchatka is an attractive and unrealisable dream for many travellers, a distant and magical part of a vast country, a land heated by the breath of dozing volcanoes and hot springs gushing from under your feet. We invite you to visit this amazing region at the very end of summer and in early autumn when nature generously spreads a carpet of gold and purple colours and the rapid rivers are filled with herds of salmon going to spawn.

We will visit the foot of Tolbachik and climb up to the top of active volcanic cones. We will see the highest active volcano on the Eurasian continent, Klyuchevskaya Sopka, and Mutnovsky Volcano, find and explore ice caves at its foot, visit the Dead Forest and welcome the sun in the crater of Gorely Volcano.

Have you ever been to Kamchatka? Ready to join us in 2021?
We have 3 guaranteed groups:

No backpacks • Chef service • Visa support

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