Senja Island Photo Workshop July 2020

Senja island is called Norway in miniature because it harbours all the different landscapes of Norway, giving the best possible variety of choices when it comes to photography. You can roam the more residential eastern coast in your quest to capture typical fishing houses in a flatter and more rural area while still having a stunning mountain backdrop.

When it comes to the ‘outer’ side of Senja, you are greeted by some of Norway’s most spectacular fjords. Razor sharp mountains plunging into the sea, offering the most varied palette of light and colours throughout the year! When browsing through these imposing formations you will be rather surprised to find white-sanded beaches with turquoise waters in the middle of the mountains and the snow! Senja simply has it all, and much more like washed granite shores, stunning waterfalls, hundreds of small islands and inlets.

During this photo workshop we will visit the most amazing locations of Senja, including secret forests, lakes and beautiful waterfalls. We will hike up mountains with views over the surrounding fjords and admire the spectacular rugged peaks.

The journey will be organised in the maximum comfortable way possible. We will stay in our private camping with small wooden cabins with kitchen. You will always have hot water, comfortable and heated shower, toilet and wi-fi. There is no need to carry camping gear up the trail.

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