Canadian Arctic Photo Tour

Join us in the remote wilderness of the Nunavut Territory of Canada to photograph the tundra’s autumn colors, northern lights and herds of Caribou migrating. The male Caribou will be moving through the endless wilderness on a path, following instincts formed from thousands of years, usually in herds of 5 to 20. This is the time of year they shed their velvet, making their large antlers even more spectacular.

Muench Workshops pros Andy Williams and Kevin Pepper, assisted by our amazing local guides who know the routes of the caribou, will lead you through this amazing location in search of the best wildlife sightings and light. We travel mostly by boat, and some on foot. The caribou walk along the eskers, following the trails they have been using since the last ice age. You too can walk these trails that are worn into the ground—unique paths that stretch for nearly 500 kilometres and can be seen from the air. The lodge's surroundings are home to a unique history as the lakes and rivers were once inhabited by the Ahiarmiut—Farley Mowat’s 'People of the Deer' for nearly one thousand years. Numerous unspoiled historical sites dot the tundra, some of which we will visit and photograph by boat and explore by foot.

Each full day excursion is complemented by a gourmet meal that awaits guests upon arrival. Arctic Haven’s chef focuses on incorporating local flares into the evening dishes, including fresh arctic lake trout gravlax. The Arctic Haven wine list offers some of Canada’s best wines, paired to match the local dishes. Evening presentations will cover interesting topics such as the mythology and folklore of the Aurora Borealis, local photography and cuisine.

Come join us in this amazing and remote wild lodge in the far reaches of the planet, at 60 degrees north.

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