Aurora Basecamp Sep 2019 Photo Tour

This Aurora Basecamp in September 2019 is a 4-night (optional 7-night) northern lights photo tour with Thomas Kast and takes place around the village of Hetta and Yllas-Pallas National Park in Finnish Lapland. Autumn comes to its end, making way for the arrival of winter. Depending on nature's mood we might be able to enjoy the last autumn colours, the first snow or both combined. Lakes and rivers will still be mostly open, giving us and our cameras opportunities to catch reflections.

At night we will try and find the mesmerising Aurora Borealis. During the day you will have the opportunity to either recover from the night before or explore the area. We will also have at least one daytime excursion to some beautiful nature locations and maybe even see some reindeer.

In case you would like to stay a full week, you can book three additional nights of aurora chasing.

A maximum of six participants makes this an intimate photo tour. As always and everywhere, the weather is an unknown. The itinerary and its order might change depending on the weather conditions.

• transfer from/to Kittila airport (KTT)
• accommodation in Hotel Hetan Majatalo in double rooms with bathroom
• half board (breakfast and dinner included)
• all transfers to photo locations

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