Goroka Festival And The Highland Tribes Expedition • Papua New Guinea September 2023 By Tribes Of Papua New Guinea


$3,490 USD

Group Size

8-12 Persons

In this 9-day expedition, we will visit and photograph the most famous tribes of Papua New Guinea: the Asaro Mudmen, the Skeleton tribe, The Moko Moko, the Burning heads of Gimmesave, Bere Bere, The Narku Dust Shakers, and the Insect hunters of Mindima.

We will witness the traditional Simbu tribe performance and the biggest tribal festival in the world, the Goroka festival, where hundreds of tribes gather in the town of Goroka to dance and perform for two days. An event you will remember for the rest of your life.

We will stay in the Asaro Mudmen Eco Lodge and the Omo Bruglgamo Skeleton Tribe Eco Resort, our properties located on the tribal land, for a unique experience.


13 Sep 2023


9 Days

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