Highlands, Isle of Skye And Outer Hebrides Photo Tour • Scotland October 2024 By Jim Cline Photo Tours


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If a picture truly paints a thousand words, the landscapes of the Scottish Highlands would fill all 4,224 pages of Harry Potter (much of which was filmed there).

Blessed with quite simply the most sensational landscapes in Britain, Scotland’s rugged northern Highlands lend themselves to phenomenal landscape photography, even under the darkest of brooding skies.

Scotland’s famously fickle weather is a bonus: within the space of one hour, it is possible to photograph the same location under gorgeous blue skies when roiled by bruising clouds and gilded in shafts of golden sunlight.

Off the western coast is the Isle of Skye, which is considered among the most dramatically picturesque places in Britain. With its breathtaking physical formations and elemental battered landscapes of epic grandeur, it is a must-see destination.

Our itinerary spans the full range: enchanting waterfalls, huge soaring sea stacks, surging peninsulas, improbably white-sand beaches, wind-ruffled lochans and moors carpeted in thistles and heather, and hauntingly beautiful glacier-scoured mountains. Plus, this remote region is replete with wildlife.

We will visit in late October when the autumn colors are at their most spectacular and the lingering sunrises and sunsets offer sensational ‘golden hour’ light!

We will not forgo the human component: the living culture that defines this magnificent region, from weathered fishermen and shepherds herding their flocks with sheepdogs to the crofters of Harris and Lewis.

Join us on what is sure to be a wonderful photogenic adventure!

Highlands, Isle of Skye And Outer Hebrides Photo Tour with Christopher P. Baker


10 Oct 2024


13 Days

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