Art-Nude Photo Tour • Havana, Cuba December 2024 By Chris Baker Photo Tours


$4,995 USD

Group Size

4 Persons

This photo tour is for anyone who appreciates human beauty as art! On this unparalleled Cuba fine-art nude photo tour, we will photograph Cuba’s most beautiful women in time-worn Havana. Given its mixture of Spanish colonial and faded baroque architecture, its wealth of 1950s American cars, and its stimulating aura of exoticism, Havana is a fantastic backdrop for glamour and art-nude photography as it exists in this world.

A tribute to the female form, our respectful and elegant treatment of the subject pays homage to all that is positive about the Cuban Revolution’s advancement of women’s rights and self-determination while also honoring their self-confident pride in expressing their sensuality.


07 Dec 2024


8 Days

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