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Trai Anfield Photographic Safaris

Trai is an award-winning photographer, film maker, trainer and BBC broadcaster whose ethical and holistic approach to wildlife photography has evolved into unrivalled safaris, all fully bonded for your protection and peace of mind.

Quality of encounters with wildlife and communities, and quality of photographic and film-making tuition are our priorities, so we only tour with small intimate groups. We stay on private concessions wherever possible, which allow a flexible approach including off road access, exclusive use of hides, night/walking/boat shoots where possible and no time limits with our chosen species.

We also reckon you can't get a true feel for an area's wildlife without exploring its spectacular landscapes, meeting the people of the region and experiencing their culture and hospitality, so you can expect the opportunity to do all this on any one of our inspirational adventures around the globe.

We look forward to seeing you on safari!


  1. I’d like to know more. Equipment recommendations – clothing – anything else.

    We are an older douple, ages 80 and 84, but we’re quite fit for our ages. We are experienced amateur photographers but we welcome any instruction on photography. We’ve been to Kenya and Tanzania on a photo tour 4 years ago, and it was wonderful. After reading your trip description, my main reservation about the trip would be whether there’s time allowed for rest and sleep! If the trip will involve activity from dawn until night time, it is not a trip we should take.

    • Hi Bill,

      Thank you for getting in touch about our Zimanga photographic safari. Please don’t worry – all the activities and sessions in the vehicles and hides are optional on the trip, and there is plenty of down time to rest and recover in between.

      My mum is 81 and her two photography friends are in their late 70’s/early 80’s too. They joined the trip in 2016 and returned last year as they enjoyed it so much. Of all the safaris I run I would recommend this one the most as the photographic opportunities it presents are so unique, and it is not strenuous at all.

      Our daily schedule is much like any other safari – an early start to catch the wildlife at its most active and in the best light, then some rest time during the middle part of the day – siesta time or 1-2-1 sessions may be scheduled with me. Then later on we head out again for a late afternoon/evening session.

      There will be night time activities on a few nights, but again they are optional – star sessions tend to last a coupe of hours so you may still have an early night, and in the overnight hides there are beds and even remote motion sensors which detect the animals as they approach and wake you up in time to photograph them, so you can still have a snooze as well as bagging some sensational night time shots!

      Kit-wise the usual long lens reaching around the 300mm mark will be excellent for close up work, and a wider lens will be handy too for shots of wildlife in habitat. A tripod and the widest lens you have will be best for stars – i use a 14mm but whatever you have we will make sure you get a beautiful shot. In fact we are not snobbish at all about what kit you bring – our motto is to get the absolute best out of whatever photography gear you have.

      Clothing wise, it is a great time of year in South Africa: not too hot during the day – T-shirt weather – but chilly in the mornings so do bring warm layers including a good warm coat and hat and scarf for the vehicle first thing.

      All of the trip details may be found on our web page https://www.enlightenedmedia.net/south-africa-safari
      but if you would like to have more of a chat do please call me on +44(0)1912535027 or +44(0)7763134209

      I really look forward to hearing from you, and welcoming you on this incredible safari.

      With all good wishes,


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