Tim Mannakee Photography Tours

Photo tours and workshops specialising in Travel and landscape in Europe, Asia and Africa. Tim runs all the tours himself with a strong emphasis on the 'personal touch'. He has lived in France since 1992, where he offers regular workshops in the Camargue, Provence, Dordogne as well as Brittany and the Atlantic and Languedoc Coasts.

European destinations include Ireland, Venice, Tuscany and Iceland, while each year we offer at least one long haul destination- this year we have already visited Vietnam, for 2020 we will be visiting the '3 Stans'on a two week Silk Road photo tour.
Next year also sees the addition of Cappadocia in Turkey where we will spend 3 days photographing the Yilki horses, followed by three days landscape photography.

We create special, original trips that take you to new and exciting destinations. You'll take some of the best photos of your life, all in a spirit of fun and adventure.


  1. Highly recommended. I’ve been on photo tours with a number of operators and Tim Mannakee is hard to beat. I’ve been on 8 of his (and he has plenty of long-term repeat customers) and have another 3 booked. That speaks for itself – I am usually known for criticism not praise!!

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