Sandra Lee Photography Workshops

Sandy Zelasko, DBA Sandra Lee Photography, welcomes you to join us on your next photography workshop. To see our lineup visit our website from the sidebar on this page and click on the Workshops tab.

Why choose us?
• We offer small group sizes allowing for personal attention.
• We will get you to the right place at the right time for the best opportunities.
• Our workshops are well researched and organized for the highest productivity.
• We cater to your needs and mold our teaching methods to help you improve.

As an internationally acclaimed nature photographer, Sandy follows ethical field practices, conservation guidelines and is willing to share hands-on photographic knowledge with her students. Novice to advanced enthusiasts, we offer photo education for everyone.

Thank you for considering Sandra Lee Photography for your next photo workshop. We know there are many options to choose from and we value your patronage.

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  1. Mark, it might possible to do a second workshop the following weekend, Jan 4 & 5, 2020. Would that work for you and your other friend? I’ll need to double check my calendar at home before I am 100% and would like to have a third person if you know of anyone. I’ll be home Monday, Aug 5th and will confirm. Thanks again for your interest! Sandy

    • Hello Paul, thanks for your inquiry. Minimal walking to answer your question. At times we will have a short walk to a boardwalk, viewing platform and occasionally a beach but it will be up to you how far you want to go. Hope you can join us! Sandy

  2. Sandy,

    If you put together a second workshop on January 4-5, I could make that.

    Separate question: I understand there are some interesting arts communities in the area. Is it worth taking an extra day or two on my own to visit those?



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