Photo Tours and Expeditions

Photography is our love affair with life. We are telling stories about nature and diversity and capturing the essence of people and their landscapes through pictures. If the thought of sharing travel, adventure, and photographic moments inspires you, join us for the trip of a lifetime.

Our global tours and workshops include a wonderfully diverse mix of ages and photographic ability, from eager newbie to seasoned pro. All are welcome.

Photo Tours & Expeditions was born out of the passion and devotion for the craft of its co-founders. They are eager to share their vast experience and skills, having captured meaningful stories from the cities, landscapes, culture, and people of the world.

Each stunning destination is thoroughly researched and meticulously planned. Your instructors, along with our local fixers (professional guides), will take you off-the-beaten-path.

We rigorously coordinate every detail of your expedition – driving, translation, and negotiation. You just need to turn up, camera in hand, ready to create!

Our expeditions focus less on classroom photography, and more on the adventure of the journey, and thrill of the picture. Join us as we chase the light and create memories and friendships that last a lifetime.

Peru Photo Tour June 2021

World Heritage Sites, breathtaking mountains, a vibrant traditional culture, and mystical Inca citadels, Peru is…


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