Oregon Photo Adventure

Oregon Photo Adventure started as a half-hour broadcast television series for public television in the US and has expanded to offer photography workshops and custom photo tours that are catered to the individual.

Workshops offer guided access to stunning landscapes and photo opportunities as well as instruction to enhance your photographic creative processes and techniques - both in camera and in post.

The workshop leader, Dan Sherwood, was originally trained as a fine-art photographer and was lucky enough to have studied under one of Ansel Adams' darkroom assistants, Norman Locks. This opportunity gave Dan access to valued information about the craft of photography. Dan has had his photography licensed in over 50 countries and has worked for many of the top outdoor manufacturers and magazines, and has been a beta-tester for Adobe.

Over the years he has also refined his nature, landscape and macro photography and is eager to share tips and tricks as well as insights about the business of photography. One of his images of the Oregon Coast was selected for the cover of the 2018 Sierra Club Engagement Calendar.

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