Norfolk Photography Tours

Helen Storer is both the Lead photographer for Norfolk Photography Tours and the Broads National Park. Helen offers workshops for everyone, whatever your current photography skills and experience. All the workshops take place in the county of Norfolk either along the varied Norfolk Coastline or on the waterways of the Norfolk Broads in England.

Inland on the Norfolk Broads we have wind pumps, tranquil waters and ruined abbeys, along with Norfolk’s big coastal skies and all are awaiting artistic photographers. Move along to the Norfolk coast and you will find space, freedom and creativity.

Helen can support you to get started with your photography on her popular 'Get off Auto' workshops for beginners, or alternatively enable you to really become more creative learning the art of long exposures, ICM and multiple exposures on her other featured workshops.

Lee Filters kindly sponsor Helen and as such she has a selection of the latest lens filters for her workshops participants to try out, with unique discounts for her participants when purchasing from WEX.

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