Nature Photography Adventures

Nature Photography Adventures is focused on designing and guiding small group nature photography adventures and teaching photography techniques.

Nature photographers Bob Harvey and Diane Kelsay guide small groups of photographers to exciting and unique natural, cultural and heritage destinations around the planet. Our photography adventures strive to achieve a balance among wildlife, landscape, abstract and macro photography. You will note that we love dramatic light - and we know how to plan for it and use it when we find it!

Our adventures feature one-on-one coaching in the field to full instruction on taking control of the design and technical aspects of creating images.

We bring an extensive knowledge base of photography, a unique relationship with tourism (which makes for great logistics) and a strong commitment to conservation. Our photography adventures are truly photography adventures designed by photographers for photographers – with a commitment to the natural and cultural treasures we visit.

We research and test and constantly update our adventures to put you in the best positions at the best times in the best light to create great nature images. And we think through things like "where will you recharge and download" and "how do you keep your gear protected from the elements".

At this point we are working closely with destinations and local providers to provide the most up-to-date information about Covid-19 conditions - and to modify adventures and prescribe how you manage yourselves to keep you as safe as possible. We're on top of local conditions and airline travel changes.

Our groups for 2021 and 2022 are growing steadily at this point - and we hope you'll consider joining us!


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