Don Mammoser Photo Tours

I am a professional photographer with 19 years of experience both in selling my photos to make a living and in leading people to interesting photography destinations on photo tours.

My Passion - "I strive to photograph the positive aspects of people, nature and wildlife. My goal, as a teacher and photo tour leader, is to pass on as much of my knowledge as possible about photography and the wonders of this world to others."

​Why join a tour with me? Because you will be sure to make the most of your limited time in any given location by traveling with a professional who knows where to go and when to be there. This way you can relax and get the best photos of your life. It’s as simple as that.

Inspirational, passionate and FUN leader with over 90% return client rate. Leading small groups of 6 or 8 people only.

Total Galapagos Experience Photo Tour

This is not just any ‘photo tour’, this is a complete experience. You will be inspired, educated and thrilled by your decision to join this tour. You …

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