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Claudious Tours and Safaris is an African safari specialist that caters especially for photographers and their partners! A successful Africa photographic safari or an African photography workshop is dependent on many different factors. Success in wildlife photography or Africa Photographic safaris is not so much about how to use your camera – though of course that’s important – but rather the art of field technique: anticipating the best position to get yourself into, composition, how to use the light and, crucially, animal behavior.

The surreal landscapes, ancient cultures and incredible wildlife of Africa are favorite subjects among amateur and professional photographers taking Africa Photographic safaris. These Africa Photographic safaris combine a rich learning environment for photographers interested in learning the techniques of digital photography with the luxurious safari settings and wildlife of Africa. A safari in Africa, combining wildlife photo opportunities with expert, personalized photographic instruction is, for most avid photographers, a dream trip.

Before booking your Africa photographic safari, think about your specific photographic passions and expectations. Is it true wilderness, away from the maddening crowds of tourists, that you find most appealing or perhaps are you looking to specifically photograph cheetah, leopard, flamingos or gorillas? Do you enjoy African savanna landscapes, traditional cultures or African wildlife photography – or perhaps a combination of all three! Our Africa Photographic safaris are designed to offer you an authentic African safari experience.

It’s important that your guide is dedicated to photography and understands the technical aspects of taking a good wildlife photo. Vehicle positioning, for instance, is essential as it ensures the best angle for you and your camera in any given situation. It’s also essential that the safari vehicle has sufficient space, as operating bulky equipment in a car full of other guests can get awkward.

Private guided photo safaris ensure that all these matters are taken care of, allowing you to focus on enjoying the creative aspects of your photographic trip. On photographic safaris, destinations are chosen with photography in mind and your itinerary will consider all the best times to be out and enjoying the wilderness. Photographic camps have the necessary editing, charging and storage facilities for your photos so you need not worry about bringing laptops, extra batteries and other bulky and expensive equipment.

Photographic Safaris is one of the best ways to preserve your safari memories. We custom Africa Photographic Safaris at Its Finest and also offer different levels of Africa Photographic Safaris to meet the requirements of any creative and documentary tour of Africa, including small groups, private individual, workshops and custom photography safaris. A successful African photographic safari or an African photography workshop is dependent on many different factors and as a professional African wildlife photographer and expert safari guide, we will give you the best.

We tailor Africa Photographic Safaris or photography tours for clients in Africa, and include the use of a private guide so that you can spend as long as necessary on one subject without affecting other guests. There are however a number of African group photographic safari departures annually which you can join with other keen photographers.

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