Chris Davis Landscape Photography workshops

Chris Davis Photography runs Photo Tours and Workshops for all levels throughout the year in a number of locations including Scotland, Cornwall, Ireland, Prague, Dolomites and Iceland. With small group sizes of no more than 4 people on each workshop you are sure to get a personalised level of mentoring not available on larger group workshops. One to One workshops can also be booked year round, just get in touch to chat and agree dates.

Chris spends time to assess each guest's level and talks through what they wish to take from the workshop, be it improving composition, getting familiar with creative use of shutter speed, use of filters or perhaps improving your post production. Prior to practicing landscape photography, Chris had spent 17 years working at the highest level of post production, so he can surely help you on this subject. Whether a complete novice or expert you will be sure to pick up some new tips and tricks.

Assynt Photo Workshop

With a small group size of just 3 participants, you can be sure to receive plenty of one on one mentoring on this workshop, learning to see better …


  1. Hi Ilan,

    The weather can be expected to be mixed , this mixture of rain, wind & sun are the kind of weather that produces the best conditions for shooting in my opinion , getting on the edge of a weather front. I cant guarantee the weather though and if it is too wet to go out we work on Post-processing inside, but generally in the Scottish Highlands the weather is very changeable. I’ve not run a workshop in Scotland where we’ve not been able to get out most days. The worst we can get is clear blue skies đŸ™‚

    All the shots on the Advert for the tour were taken in November 2018
    Hope that answers your query.

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