Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures

“Seek your own vision, and create great photos!” is the tag line of Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures, started back in the 80s as Barefoot Contessa Adventures. When longtime professional photographers Margo Taussig Pinkerton and Arnold “Arnie” Zann joined their businesses and lives, they continued what they had been doing for years — teaching, mentoring, and inspiring.

Their philosophy is simple — give 1000%, just as they did in their careers working with top international journals and corporations. On a workshop, the only time they are not with their clients is when someone is in bed or in the loo.

They want to give their participants the tools to continue to continue to grow as photographers. They are also humbled by the high percentage of returning alumni who come back to be pushed to their next level.

Arnie and Margo value aesthetics over techno-speak. As they say, “Technique without passion is meaningless.”

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