Art of Seeing Photography Adventures

Sharpen your skills and expand your vision on one of our immersive, creative, off-the beaten-path photography adventures.

I love helping others grow as photographers as much as I enjoy making my own images. The most important lesson I've learned in twenty-some years of chasing the photography muse is that Photography is a Whole Brain Activity, meaning that there are distinct craft and creative aspects to picture making. I always address both in my workshops.

Fundamentals to Finer Points
Need help understanding basic camera settings or do you want to geek out on dynamic range, HDR, color management or post processing techniques? I'll do my best to provide clear, practical, real world solutions.

Seeing is a Skill
From personal experience, I know that the Photographer's Eye is a skill that anyone can learn and improve with practice. I cover lots of practical tips to help you sharpen your creative vision.

One on One Learning
Everyone sees and learns differently. That's why I schedule lots of time for individual coaching. Whenever possible, I also use lectures, demonstrations, examples and feedback to communicate key concepts.

Colors of India March 2020 Photo Tour

We will catch authentic glimpses of the India of yesterday and today throughout our image making adventure. Our itinerary covers the best of the must-see …


  1. Will do, Catherine! I won’t have next year’s dates for a couple more months, but you will be informed when they are announced.


    Ken Lee
    Art of Seeing Photography Adventures

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