Soul Road Trips

Haven't you ever wanted to just cut loose and leave it all behind? Even for just a couple of days? I do, all the time, actually. Try a Soul Road Trip. This is the kind of break I treat myself to once in a while. And you are invited! Here is what it's all about: I am offering a single day and multiple day road trips in various locations and themes. I will take you to a junkyard and create artistic images from someone else's junk. I'll take you to the mountains and capture a sunrise or a sunset over a breathtaking landscape. Or let's spend the day doing macro-photography of flowers. Nice, huh? On the first day of each Road Trip, we will be in the field learning to pre-visualize, seeing the light, photographing, and enjoying the experience. Some of the Road Trips offer an additional day in the classroom for hands-on post-processing and enhancing your images. I will share with you the tips and techniques that I use to create my style of imagery.