Luca Cagnasso Photography Workshops

Join me on a fully customisable ‘one-on-one’ or small group photography workshop. Develop your vision, learn new skills, experiment with advanced techniques, master the most effective image processing techniques – all while enjoying in the good company of an experienced Italian landscape photographer; an enthralling outdoor experience in some of the best natural environments and cities of Italy and Europe. My workshops and travels are designed to help take your creativity to a new level. Through a combination of both in-the-field shooting sessions and image processing instructions on many different topics, both technical and artistic, I wish to inspire you to start thinking differently as an artist and spark your artistic vision. I lead private workshops all year round, specifically designed for single participants or small groups of maximum three photographers. They are intended for people who look for an engaging, full immersion photography experience and/or a privately guided tour for discovering the treasures of Italy, and photographing them at the best possible time of day and from the best possible location and viewpoint. I also lead small group workshops, for a maximum of eight guests.