Winter Wonderland Photo Tour in Senja March 2020

Senja, Norway’s 2nd largest island is a wild and rugged land. Located between Tromsø to the north and the Lofoten Islands to the south, Senja remains a hidden gem compared to its more popular neighbours. With vertical peaks rising hundreds of meters above narrow fjords, high mountain passes with amazing viewpoints, quiet beaches and no shortage of empty, narrow winding roads, Senja is a dream photographic destination.

During this week-long trip we will stay in two of Senja’s most scenic destinations. The first, Mefjordvær, a quiet village surrounded by a wall of nearly impenetrable mountains that one barely needs to leave the front door to find something to photograph. Our second base in Hamn, a small harbour with open views to the north should the Northern Lights decide to greet us. Beyond the coastal fjords and beaches of northern Senja, we will also visit the barren mountain landscape of Ånderdalen National Park, which in winter is a frozen, moon like landscape of snow and rock.

If the nights are clear, we will head out in search of the Northern Lights, which we will hopefully find dancing above the scenic mountain landscape.

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