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High Sierra on Horseback Photography Workshop

These magnificent mountains have inspired masters from Ansel Adams to Galen Rowell and countless others. Create your own masterpieces on this intensive photography adventure — 5 days of education, inspiration and practice in the heart of the spectacular Sierra Nevada! Our destination is Pioneer Basin, deep in the John Muir Wilderness. Truly a photographer’s paradise, but not exactly easy to access. Fortunately, our equine companions will help us with the heavy lifting as we ride into this stunning alpine environment. Alpenglow, Golden Hour, Blue Hour... these are the conditions that produce portfolio images. Therefore, our days will start early and end late, but there will also be time to explore or just soak in your surroundings and appreciate the unspoiled beauty of true wilderness. Your level of photography experience is not as important as your desire to grow your image making abilities.

Ken will serve as your group leader and photography instructor for this unique adventure offered by Rock Creek Pack Station. RCPS’ expert guides are equipped with detailed knowledge of the natural history of the Sierra as well the ability to wrangle up some amazing mountain meals. No prior riding experience is required but this trip requires a basic level of fitness including the ability to walk at high altitudes for several hours at a stretch.

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