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Lake Powell by Houseboat Photography Workshop

Experience the natural wonders and hidden geological gems of Lake Powell as Gary Ladd and Suzanne Mathia take you on a photography workshop deep into the Escalante arm of the lake. For five days we will visit side canyons, alcoves and miles of incredible towering canyon walls as we create interesting compositions of color, texture and patterns. When not enjoying our sessions in the field, Gary will share his expert knowledge of the lake’s formation and its impact on the region – Suzanne will work with the group on post-processing techniques. Together this team combines the best of photography, geology, history and astronomy.

Our exact itinerary will be modified to fit weather conditions and lake levels. In general, our week will take us to the Escalante Arm, where desert varnish tapestries and twisting slot canyons are at their absolute best. There we will look for dazzling light displays on darkened canyon walls, undulating reflections of the canyon cliffs and unusual lighting conditions created by the deep alcoves.

We will spend our days photographing at a variety of locations including the Great Alcove of Willow Canyon, the dim recesses of Cathedral in the Desert and Pool Canyon and Forest Alcove, both with their tapestried walls and shaded pools of water.

Other photo locations may include Rainbow Bridge, Anasazi Canyon and Cathedral Canyon. Our last stop takes us to Padre Bay where we will stop at Weathering Pit Ridge for its extraordinary exposures of wild cross-bedding patterns in the sandstone and its wonderful omni-directional views.

Don’t miss this epic outdoor photo adventure aboard houseboats on Lake Powell. Accommodations and meals are included.

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