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Luxury Photographic Tour of India • Colours of India 2019

India is a fascinating land of contrasts, yet Holi becomes a brief leveller as everyone is treated equally. This is literally the case as after a festive day of dousing in colours, everyone looks uniformly resplendent in the rainbows of powders and coloured water each has acquired to their bodies and clothes.

This tour will take you to the north of India, where Holi is most avidly celebrated. We will attend two spectacular pre-Holi events that are held one week in advance and then ensure we are in a location with an iconic background for a colour festival, the ‘Blue City’ of Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

As the large majority of Indians still live in rural areas, our itinerary spends most of its time outside the mega-city destinations of most Indian tours. This allows for easier freedom of movement, no lost hours sitting in traffic jams, closer contact with ‘real’ India, a more relaxed form of exploration and opportunities to access a much wider variety of customs and local activities.

Our carefully selected accommodation provides elements of iconic settings, world-class luxury, preserved heritage, convenience, comfort and variety. Each property has been recently inspected and quality is assured.

Professional landscape photographer Glenn Mckimmin has teamed up with Terry Taylor to guide this expedition. Terry Taylor has been to India over 65 times. He has been leading tours in the sub-continent for 39 years, is a published and keen photographer and even keener host. He has taken to heart the ancient Indian motto: Atithi Devo Bhava – The guest is god. Terry is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, a member of the International Association of Tour Managers and has personally experienced the Barsana and Nandgaon Rang Leela festivals to ensure you receive optimal information, guidance and opportunities when you attend.

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