San Juan Mountains Autumn Photography Workshop

Photograph amazing colorful landscapes in Colorado’s beautiful San Juan Mountains, regarded as one of the most scenic locations in the world for fall foliage. Foliage in this area is never the same from year to year and in some cases day to day. With the changing of the seasons occurring we may have incredibly colored aspens against the back drop of bare mountains one day, to backdrops of snow covered mountains the next, to snow covered aspen trees the following. Come prepared for all types of weather because we will shoot in it!

Workshop Features
Learn how the histogram will help determine how you can capture the dynamic range of your scene.
Learn how bracketing properly will help you achieve maximum detail in your images
Learn how to use ND filters in the field and when to use the different types
The importance of your remote control, whether hard wired or wireless
Working in the digital darkroom, Lightroom and Photoshop instruction
How to use focus stacking for increased Depth of Field
Become familiar with using a DOF calculator
Learn to look at a scene for differing compositional components
Shot planning and the tools I use for location scouting and weather monitoring

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