Gros Morne, Newfoundland, Canada Photo Workshop June 2020

Canadian Wonders | Gros Morne Newfoundland Photo Workshop. From coast to coast and from the border to the high Arctic, Canada boasts some of the most beautiful places in the world. The Canadian Wonders series is all about experiencing and photographing these special places. We will explore nature at its best; quaint villages, large cities, unique wildlife and local culture. Your guide and instructor will be Chad Barry, an award-winning and nationally published career photographer. He will use his extensive knowledge and experience to help you become a better photographer and story teller.

The Canadian Wonder series includes locations in Ontario and Newfoundland with plans in the works for British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia and more!

Gros Morne
Gros Morne National Park hosts some of the most unique geological features in Canada and the world. Mountains and fjords will surround you as you walk on ancient oceanic floors that truly appear to be other-worldly.

While many of the iconic images we are familiar with require endurance hikes into the backcountry, many of the features can be enjoyed with less physically demanding excursions. I will guide you to many of the more accessible 'must see locations' as well as hidden gems you have to talk to locals to find.

We will also explore and photograph surrounding villages, harbours and lighthouses. We will take a boat cruise on Western Brook Pond (fare included). There we will photograph the spectacular glacier formed fjords and 2,000 foot high waterfalls.

This workshop will be about taking everything in – experiencing both the natural landscapes as well as the human impact and culture. I will help each of you get the most out of your camera equipment and learn to 'see' beyond the obvious.

This workshop is geared towards both amateur and professional photographers who want to take their landscape photography and storytelling up a notch. A DSLR or SLR camera is recommended to get the most out of the workshop experience. Please review our recommended gear list for more info.

Schedule of Activities
As we will be on nature’s schedule, we will be keeping the plan flexible so we can adjust to weather conditions and wildlife opportunities as they arise.

Day 1 – Thursday
Morning: we will start in the classroom with discussions on composition and creating images that tell a story. We will also discuss specific techniques I use in the field.

Afternoon and Evening: after lunch we are off to shooting for the remainder of the day and will wrap up after dark.

Day 2 – Friday
Morning: we will get an early start and be shooting before sunrise. After our early morning shoot we will break for breakfast and do our longest drive. We will get at least one more location in before lunch.

Afternoon: shooting will continue after lunch followed by the return drive and more shooting until dinner.

Evening: after dinner we will meet for another sunset and blue hour shoot.

Day 3 – Saturday
Morning: guess what? That's right, another sunrise shoot followed by breakfast. We will get one more location in before lunch.

Afternoon: after lunch we are back to the classroom for editing demos and individual editing time. Each participant will be asked to share a couple of pictures for critique as well as a couple of favourites to celebrate all the hard work of the past few days. Critiques are one of the most beneficial parts of the workshop experience. Don't worry, critiques are meant to be an encouraging thing and delivered in a constructive manner. After showing off your best images we will open the floor up to questions and answers in case as few things have popped into mind that you haven't had a chance to ask yet.

Evening: we will wrap up by 4:00pm. We will make dinner reservations for anyone interested (optional) and can arrange for newcomers to Newfoundland to get Screeched In!

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