Algonquin Park Photo Workshop Sep 2020

Canadian Wonders | Algonquin Park Autumn Photo Workshop. From coast to coast and from the border to the high Arctic, Canada boasts some of the most beautiful places in the world. The Canadian Wonders series is all about experiencing and photographing these special places. We will explore nature at its best; quaint villages, large cities, unique wildlife and local culture. Your guide and instructor will be Chad Barry, an award-winning and nationally published career photographer. He will use his extensive knowledge and experience to help you become a better photographer and story teller.

The Canadian Wonder series includes locations in Ontario and Newfoundland with plans in the works for British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia and more!

Algonquin Park
Algonquin Park is arguably one of the most beautiful Ontario destinations in the fall. Tourists from around the world visit Algonquin Park during the peak leaf changing season to witness the vibrant reds of the sugar maples and the saturated yellows of the birch trees. We have skilfully scheduled this workshop during the average peak leaf colour change. If we are lucky, we might even see moose!

Located just a couple of hours north of Toronto, Algonquin Park is a world full of beautiful natural scenery and ample wildlife. We will take you to some easily accessible shooting locations which will provide the landscapes and wildlife that you are looking for.

This workshop is geared towards amateur photographers looking to build their confidence in the field. Open to all ages and all levels of photography enthusiasts. We recommend that you have a DSLR camera to get the best out of the workshop experience. Please review our recommended gear list for more info.

Schedule of Activities
Registered participants will receive a more detailed itinerary by email. As we will be on nature’s schedule, we will be keeping the plan flexible so we can adjust to weather conditions and wildlife opportunities as they arise.

Day 1 – Tuesday
Our adventures will begin at 10am. We will meet at the Mad Musher restaurant in Whitney, just a few minutes from the east gate of Algonquin Park. The Mad Musher will be our home base for the classroom portion of the workshop.

Morning: we will do introductions and discuss our plans and expectations for the duration of the workshop. From there we will jump right into learning about what makes a great photo, including composition, camera settings, equipment and in field techniques. We will draw from our experience and share with you what has worked for us.

Afternoon: after lunch we are back in the classroom to share more tricks of the trade like photographing wildlife and shooting in poor weather conditions. We will break in late afternoon to allow for some rest, a meal and travel to our first shooting location.

Evening: we will have one or two locations selected for our first evening of landscape photography. You will work one on one with us to ensure you will receive value from your experience. This shoot will continue through sunset.

Day 2– Wednesday
Morning: we will start early and meet at a pre-determined location to capture the sunrise. Afterwards we will meet at the Moose Café in Dwight for brunch (optional).

Afternoon: the afternoon will focus on photographing waterfalls and rapids. We will work with you to help create some beautiful long exposures. Make sure you bring your tripod if you have one!

Evening: meeting at pre-determined location for sunset photoshoot. Locations to be discussed with the group and will be shared during our introduction.

Day 3 – Thursday
Thursday will be another full day of shooting. Depending on the weather we may do some of our Friday editing but we want to keep you in the field shooting as much as possible.

Morning: we have done a lot of shooting already and some of you may be feeling a little tired. We will do another sunrise session but it is optional.

Afternoon: we will break for lunch. The Mad Musher has a full menu to offer or feel free to pack your own lunch. We encourage you to stay in the Whitney area as there are not many close by towns that will offer other food options. Please come prepared and enjoy a lunch with the whole group!

Day 4 - Friday
Morning: we will get one more shooting location in on our final day before retiring back to the classroom. We know you may be feeling a little tired by now. Feel free to sleep in if you need a bit of rest. By mid-morning we will be back in the classroom for post processing demos on the big screen and some time to edit your own photos from the week. Make sure you bring your laptops with Lightroom or another editing software installed.

Afternoon: following lunch we will share some of your favourite photos with the class and do a friendly group photo critique. This is one of the most beneficial parts of the workshop experience! Chad will also spend time with each guest doing one on one critiques. After the critique session we will present a slideshow showcasing all of the group‘s favourite photos. This part of the workshop always leaves us inspired!

Evening: we would love to stay forever but around 4pm the workshop will come to a close. We will say our goodbyes with lots of hugs and tears and allow you to start your journey back home with lots of new knowledge!

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