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Tanzania Safari and Chimpanzee Trekking

Join Andy Williams on this very exclusive, small-group safari at some of Tanzania's best wildlife photography destinations: Katavi National Park, Mahale Mountains National Park and Selous Game Reserve. We will have fantastic, exclusive opportunities for African wildlife of all kinds at Katavi and Selous: predators and their prey, elephants, giraffe, buffalo, hippo, antelopes and birds – too many species to count! In addition to traditional game drives, we will have the opportunity for walking safaris and game photography by boat also.

In between our time at Katavi and Selous we will spend three full days in the Mahale Mountains, trekking for Chimpanzees. We never know quite how far we will have to go to find them, but find them we will, and we will be among them for close and intimate photography encounters. On reaching the chimps, we spend an hour with them while they do their own thing: eating, foraging, playing, jousting for position in the troop, sqaubbling, and more. We will be in Mahale for four nights, so that we can have three opportunities at these magnificent social creatures.

This safari has it all, from vast, wide-open spaces and the numerous game that inhabits, to the lush forest jungle and the intimate encounters with our closest relatives, the chimpanzee. You will be expertly led by Andy and his team of hand-picked local guides. Everything's all-inclusive, the best safari camps, private air charters and amazing food. If you are looking for an authentic African bush-style safari experience, look no further: this is it!

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