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Patagonia Photography Adventure February 2023 By Nature Photography Adventures


$9,950 USD

Group Size

10 Persons

No, the color on that image wasn’t exaggerated! When the first rays of the morning sun hit the feldspar in the granite monoliths of Patagonia, the reflected color is intense! If anything, you will have to tone it down to make it believable!

Fitzroy! Torres del Paine! Perito Moreno! Los Cueros del Paine! Condors! Guanacos! Magellanic woodpeckers! Gauchos! Those words paint mental images and beckon us to the wide open spaces and dramatic light of Patagonia!

We have been designing, leading and refining our Patagonia Photography Adventure for well over a decade now, putting you in great places at the right moments for outstanding light and great compositions!

Yes, we will rise early for the light! Yes, we will hike to get to some great locations! No, we won’t have to deal with high altitude (the peaks are tall, but their bases are at low elevations). Yes, we will strap on crampons and go onto glaciers! And yes, we timed this for the full moon!

Join us! The images you come home with will be matched by the memories you build!

$9950 USD per person Double Occupancy, $13950 USD Single Occupancy


01 Feb 2023


13 Days

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