Autumn in the Palouse Photo Tour

Typically, when you think of the Palouse you think of fields of rolling green hills, fields of yellow canola and freshly plowed earth. You think of graphic landscapes full of curves and lines, you don't think of fall color. But it is there in October. A little bit in the way you expect to see fall color, but mainly in the beautiful earth tones you will see in field after field. The lines and curves are there too, only it all looks so different compared to the spring and early summer.

The bare earth and shorn wheat fields reveal patterns you don't see in May and June. If you have ever visited the Palouse in June, visiting in the Fall will be like seeing it again for the first time. The old barns and abandoned houses take on a new look, adding even more to the character and the feel of age these buildings can evoke.

In October harvest is long past and the fields lie in wait for winter. Colors of dry wheat and chocolate spread before you, crisscross patterns embellish the fields, and the contrast between dark and light makes for some striking and dramatic graphics.

The Palouse has always been one of my favorite destinations. Now that I have photographed there in the fall, it is become even more so. Visiting in the autumn allows you to explore a whole new way of interpreting the Palouse. If you have been there in the spring, you owe it to yourself to see it in the fall.

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