Amazon Riverboat Photography And Birding Adventure Feb 2020

• 2 large skiffs for exploration – one for birding and one for photography, so we can move at different paces
• 4 leaders plus 2 local naturalists for 21 participants
• Multiple daily skiff excursions from our deluxe riverboat
• 8 – 10 species of monkeys
• Many birds such as macaws, woodpeckers, cotingas, hawks and so on
• 2 species of river dolphins

Description of AMAZON: Peruvian Riverboat Photography and Birding Adventure
Birding, photography, fun and relaxation – all from our 150 foot deluxe Amazon riverboat! A host of leaders for your Amazon adventure will include Kevin Loughlin, bird and nature photographer and owner of Wildside; Edison Buenano, South America’s top birding guide; author/naturalist Scott Weidensaul and nature photographer Lee Hoy, plus two local naturalist/guides.

Our cruise will include afternoon lectures on birds, wildlife and photography. We will enjoy multiple excursions by motorized skiff each day, designed to reveal the incredible wildlife that calls the rainforest home and with any luck we will spot sloths, monkeys, toucans, macaws, pink dolphins and so much more!

The cuisine onboard is regional and provides a unique and delicious window into local culture. Gain a rare glimpse of how life ‘on the river‘ is lived and experience the magic of the Amazon on this once-in-a-lifetime riverboat adventure.

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