Barefoot Contessa Online Photo Workshops Year-round

During this time of COVID-19, often living in a vacuum, it is difficult to keep that photo mojo going. Our online photo workshops combine assignments with group critiques and discussions on various aspects of the creative process and photography in general. These workshops are designed to not only get those creative juices going, but keep you continuing on your photographic journey.

Our first online photo workshops were very well received. As one alum wrote, "Kudos to Margo and Arnie for creating a valuable and fun online learning experience to help us keep our creative juices flowing while spending our days indoors, or outdoors if you can safely do so. This workshop continues their tradition of pushing you further along in your quest of becoming a better and more rounded photographer. The assignments are challenging and out of your comfort zone making you think about how to approach the assignment and how you can use what you have in your home to achieve your goal. I know the lessons I learn can be put to use outside to widen my vision of what I see to help me create even more beautiful images. I now walk around my apartment trying to imagine how to make ordinary objects extraordinary."

So, join in the fun, and keep that photo mojo going!

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