Kamchatka Bears And Volcanoes Photo Workshop Sep 2020

Kamchatka is an attractive and unrealisable dream for many travellers, a far and magical corner of this vast region. The earth is hot with the breath of dormant volcanoes and hot springs spouting from under your feet. We are inviting you to visit this amazing region at the end of summer, when nature is spreading a lavish carpet of gold and crimson and the rapid rivers are filled with stocks of salmon going to spawn.

The itinerary is designed in such a way as to see the two most impressive features of Kamchatka: the area of the volcano Tolbachik with its lava fields and the world-famous Kuril Lake, where dozens of bears begin to gain weight for the winter months, trying to catch salmon in front of your camera. You will never forget this trip as pictures of 'Martian' landscape will become ever-lasting memories.

The format of the trip is an expedition. This means that most of the time we are going to travel by off-road vehicles and stay in a field camp. This will allow us to save time and to get acquainted with the wildlife of Kamchatka. En route we will stay at hotels, not far from Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky.

Throughout the whole journey, we will be moving with all-terrain vehicles on the basis of KAMAZ.

In the cabins of our all-terrain vehicles there will be sockets for recharging your camera and other devices batteries.

We are going to take up all radial routs from the base camps without our backpacks, with a minimum set of equipment to allow more time for photography.

Well? Shall we go?

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    • Dear Mr. Molan, there is a risk of cancellation the tour due to covid-19. If we cancel we will shift the trip to August-September 2021.

  1. Ret. Dr. Johnny hagberg on

    charging batteries and lap top’s what is the outputs wolts from the wall?
    And what eq in lenses are you recomend +

    • Dear Mr. Johnny Hagberg!
      We will have 220v each day along whole trip for recharging our batteries. I highly recommend 100-400 or 150-600 telephoto zoom lens for wildlife in our trip. And wide angle lens like Nikon14-24 orCanon 16-35 or Tamron 15-30 for landscape.

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