Texas Hill Country and Wildflowers Photo Workshop April 2020

Central Texas in spring becomes a kaleidoscope of color as the wildflowers come into bloom. During this five-day workshop we will concentrate on two central areas of the state. One will be the area surrounding Cuero and Gonzales to the southeast of Austin known for its multi-colored variety of flowers - bluebonnets, Indian paintbrush, phlox and multiple species of yellow composites; the other will center around Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country. The most common flowers there are bluebonnets and white prickly poppies, with a lesser amount of paintbrush and yellow composites.

To add a bit of variety to the workshop, Laurence will guide the group for a mid-day shoot at Palmetto State Park, a miniature swamp offering a bit of the tropics.

Don’t miss your chance to photograph blossoming fields of wildflowers and intriguing landscapes of Central Texas with one of the best.

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