Monument Valley And Hunts Mesa Photo Workshop May 2020

Discover one of the most iconic and unique areas in the American West – Monument Valley. A favorite location for many Western movies, you will have plenty of vantage points to capture the vast, often dramatic sky against the monoliths in the valley.

Monument Valley is sacred land to the Navajo Nation. You will explore the area with award-winning Navajo photographer LeRoy DeJolie. LeRoy will not only show you the beauty of Navajoland, but he will also share his culture and tradition while helping you capture the spiritual qualities of the land in your photographs. Monument Valley is home to some of the most dramatic lighting in the world. Learn how to capture the light and play with color – from the bright red mesas to the darker shadows along the valley floor. Shoot everything from the well-known Mitten Buttes and John Ford’s Point to rippling sand dunes and massive rock monoliths.

You will cover the entire area – from down in the Valley to high on Hunt’s Mesa. You will even spend one inspirational night camping out on Hunt’s Mesa, shooting sunset and sunrise there. LeRoy will help you expand your creative vision. You will also have an opportunity to photograph ancient pictographs, ruins and the pancakes in Mystery Valley.

During the workshop we will conduct several image critiques so you can use this time to learn how to improve your images on your next day’s shoot.

So walk in the shoes of John Ford, John Wayne and Forrest Gump! Join us for a once in a lifetime trip to Monument Valley and Hunt’s Mesa.

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