Canyon de Chelly Photography Workshop Oct 2020

The wind curls around the soaring sandstone walls of Canyon de Chelly National Monument, whistling the songs of the ancients. Nature has sculpted this landscape that humans have occupied for more than 5,000 years, making it an archaeological, as well as a natural treasure. The 26-mile canyon is home to Ancestral Puebloan ruins, Navajo hogans, homes and farmlands. Livestock, crops and orchards dot the canyon floor while the sandstone alcoves preserve ancient cliff dwellings.

Join Navajo photographer LeRoy DeJolie as he guides this spectacular autumn tour to photograph both the canyons and the rim. Guided tours into Canyon del Muerto and Canyon de Chelly will reveal spectacular landscapes, ancient pictographs and traditional Navajo life. Also, during the workshop there will be modelling photo sessions with Navajo weavers, potters and jewellers in traditional dress.

While in the Canyon you will be transported by local Navajo guides whose families have occupied the canyon floor for centuries. Steeped in tradition, these guides will showcase this hallowed ground, share captivating stories and introduce you to the beauty and richness of the Navajo culture, while LeRoy will make sure you leave with a memory card full of stunning images of ruins, sandstone monoliths and autumn cottonwoods.

Join us on this unforgettable photo journey and capture the character and culture of a proud people.

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