Arizona Photo Tour • Best of the West March 2020

Photograph iconic Arizona during this six-day workshop to the Grand Canyon, Slot Canyons, Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly. This Southwest sampler will get you to all the best photography destinations at the right time as we visit the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and Secret Canyon (slots) in Page, the famous Mittens and John Ford Point in Monument Valley, a visit to Spider Rock Overlook and a canyon tour into Canyon del Muerto.

This workshop is timed specifically in late March to see the bi-annual phenomenon in Monument Valley known as the Mitten Shadow. This is where the first Mitten casts a shadow onto the second Mitten.

This workshop is led by highly-regarded, award-winning Navajo photographer LeRoy DeJolie. In addition to his vast knowledge in photography, LeRoy brings a unique perspective of culture during our stops on Navajoland.

Whether you are beginning as a photography enthusiast or are a seasoned shutterbug, this is one workshop that will guarantee you bring home beautiful images.

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