Aurora Hunting in Winter Photo Workshop • Lofoten, Norway November 2022 By Photo Visions Tours and Workshops


$2,500 USD

Group Size

6 Persons

Explore the beauty of Lofoten Islands during my 10-days winter trip.

This amazing Norwegian archipelago has a lot to offer – from white, sandy beaches, rocky coastline, high mountain peaks to unique, historical villages placed on the islands, hidden among the fjords.

During our day sessions we will visit most of the iconic locations on the western islands and during the night we will hunt for the magical Northern Lights.

Winter is a special time of the year in the far north – days are very short but filled with the best ‘golden hour light’. We can experience the sunrise and the sunset in a very short period of time. Late afternoon is a good time for a meal, rest and preparing the gear for an evening Aurora Borealis hunt.

Every day we will travel to different locations. We will work around the weather conditions to capture the best light. The extreme and dynamic weather of the Lofoten Islands is something which makes this place a perfect photographic playground.

During our workshop sessions I will support you with my experience and knowledge. I will help you choose the right gear, setting up the parameters of the exposure and provide you many tips about building a composition.

Small groups (up to 6 persons) will allow me the time and opportunity to stay close to you and work individually with everyone. Thanks to that we will be much more ‘mobile’ than a large group. We will need much less time to organize ourselves and we can visit multiple locations during one day using the best available conditions.

My philosophy when leading photo workshops is to be flexible – one day we can travel to different locations looking for best photographic opportunities while another day we can spend more time in one location to really explore it, looking for original compositions and new photo spots.

I will not stick to a plan made half a year earlier – I will keep checking the weather and Aurora forecast for different places in Lofoten and each day I will decide about the plans for the next sessions.

From my experience, this will allow us the best chances for both successful Aurora Borealis hunting and landscape photography.

About me
My name is Adrian and I am a landscape photographer since I can remember. I have been living in Norway for the past nine years, getting know the best and most beautiful locations, the Scandinavian nature and I have learned how to work with extremely dynamic light and weather conditions, hunting for Aurora Borealis, mastering my photographic skills and leading photographic workshops.

For details on more workshops, customers testimonials and photographs visit my website and book the place on one of my trips. Thank You!

$2500 USD or €2300 EUR


17 Nov 2022


10 nights

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