Okavango and Linyanti Green Season Photo Tour Jan 2021

The Green Season is an underrated part of the year, when Botswana habitats burst in saturated colors of vegetation, when afternoon skies often greet travelers with storms and rainbows, and a number of visitors is at its lowest throughout the year. We believe this is the exact time of the year to look for ‘shots of a lifetime’ or experience the freedom of photography without disruption of crowds – have animals to ourselves, at ease, without tension of other vehicles around.

We will sample some of the best concessions in the Okavango Delta and Linyanti Waterfront on the border with Namibia. In the Okavango we will stay in the heart of the Delta while in Linyanti we will explore concession on the west side, where prides of lions, elusive leopards, painted dogs and large herds of elephants always deliver incredible sightings.

The green season sometimes offers amazing sightings of hundreds of elephants bathing in the Kwando River and its channels – and we hope to be next to them observing this ritual in a perfect harmony.

Ability to drive off-road allows us for tracking predators and positioning vehicles from the ultimate photo angle, while night drives provide opportunities to see nocturnal species.

Every photographer has a row to themselves with max. 1 couple per vehicle (4 persons).

You can find extensive information on the green season in Botswana in the blog section of our website, while more details of the safari are in the sidebar link.

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