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The Palouse Photo Tour June 2019

Join us for five days in the Palouse, an incredible region in eastern Washington State, with rolling hills filled with patterns of growing crops interspersed with rural barns and ever-changing skies. There really is no place like it in the world, a unique landscape formed by winds depositing silt from post ice age floods, creating a beautiful rolling rhythm to the landscape that is particularly friendly to the landscape photographer’s lens. The light and shadows play across the fields and hills, providing infinite combinations of compositions to pursue. It is no wonder that the Palouse is now considered one of the top landscape photography destinations. We will also be visiting The Palouse Falls, another unique and beautiful post ice age formation which offers amazing landscape photography opportunities.

A typical day in the field includes morning and afternoon/evening shooting in a variety of the best locations the Palouse has to offer, with a mid day break to recharge. While on site we will evaluate the day’s light and weather and discuss potential compositions and in-camera techniques to produce great imagery. During the midday hours we will also have classroom sessions of post-processing workflow, digital file management and working through selected RAW files using Lightroom, Photoshop and various plugins.

Muench Workshops operates on the principles of ethical and responsible landscape photography. We always have prior permission from landowners to shoot on private property. We are respectful of all fences, fields, crops, roads, children, pedestrians and private barns and homes. We are guests in the Palouse, and will act accordingly.

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