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Lake O’Hara Photo Tour

Lake O'Hara is a jewel nestled in the towering peaks of the Canadian Rockies. This very exclusive workshop is an unusual opportunity to experience a very secluded mountain alpine environment with a small group of only six guests. Lead by Michael Strickland and Noel Rogers, you will get professional guiding, instruction and experience in one of the world's most beautiful locations.

We will be visiting during the early summer when wildflowers are just beginning to bloom, snow is still clinging to the high peaks and the days are long. You will be up early and working in the low light of the northern dusk and dawn, when the light is soft and colorful.

The Lake O'Hara lodge has an amazing dining room where we will be treated to wonderful meals. Your accommodations are log cabins along the edge of the lake and include a private bathroom. Bring your hiking boots and poles, as we'll be venturing out on the beautiful trails that surround this valley and make it so unique. We are also sure there will be times you will want to simply sit on your porch and take in the beauty.

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